Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness and TEMPUS Project




The Tempus project Using Local Resources for Microregional Development – Sustainable Agribusiness and Tourism in the Southern Balkans is an TEMPUS project aimed at improving entrepreneurship education in 14 partner universities in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. University of Szeged, Hungary is coordinator of this project. Project  activities started in January 2010 and will finish in March 2013. Wider objective of this project is: Improvement and development of higher education  capacity  in  agricultural business and sustainable tourism across Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo, thereby improving employment and entrepreneurship using local resources, increasing the  environmental awareness of the  public and promoting sustainable agriculture, forestry and tourism training, by this contributing especially to rural and microregional development. Some inputs in framework of this project are:

  • AUT as biggest and  unique  University on Albania on agricultural and rural economies in framework of this project during this period  has  develop for  the first time three new curricula programs as part of Economy and Agribusiness Faculty on: 

1. Bachelor curricula on “Management of Rural Tourism”

2. Professional  Master on “Agribusiness  Management”

3. Master of Science on “Agribusiness Management”


  • During 2011-2012 academic year at AUT start for the first time    new programs  as full time and part time on: 

1. Bachelor program on “Management of Rural Tourism” with 80 students

2. Professional  Master  program on “Agribusiness  Management” with 120 students

3. Master of Science program on “Agribusiness Management”  with 30 students

4. In framework of this project AUT has bought necessary equipment and create:

5. A foreign languages Laboratory of the University with up to date program on English, PC-s, video projectors, wireless internet service and photocopying machines.

6. A information Centre for students with PC-s. TV, and servers


  •  During second year of project are realised 6 study visits to EU partner countries. Seven academic staff from the AUT participated in each study visit to MT, HU, BG, BE and PT. 
  • There were organized 5 training sessions, totalling 11 weeks, 55 effective days of training (8 weeks are curry out at University of Tetovo on different courses with different theme on agricultural an agribusiness and three weeks for English courses). Total number of AUT staff is trained during the first year is 43 (from 40 participant referring the project).
  •  An Intensive English language courses for AUT staff is realized on two levels. The number of AUT staff included on this course is 75.


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